Some Traditions Just Keep Getting Richer

For more than 70 years, celebrities, world figures, residents, and visitors have made it a tradition to come to The Marine Room to enjoy its spectacular seaside panorama and global cuisine. The combination has made it one of San Diego’s most popular restaurants.

The restaurant's history actually begins before its 1941 opening. The Spindrift Inn, as it was originally called, was a cozy, four-bedroom roadside inn and restaurant. It was built in 1916 and served as the only lodging on what was once called Long Beach - now La Jolla Shores. In 1935, The Spindrift Inn was purchased by Frederick W. Kellogg, who also bought the adjoining La Jolla Beach & Yacht Club - now the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club.


Kellogg planned to change the Spindrift Inn into a restaurant, but did not live to see his dream realized. Instead, his son, William Scripps Kellogg, resumed work and finally opened the restaurant under its new name, The Marine Room, on May 29, 1941. The opening day menu featured Fresh Lobster a la Newburg in a shell for $1.35, Rainbow Mountain Trout Saute Amandine for $1.25 and martinis for $0.35.

The Marine Room quickly became famous for pounding surf creating dramatic displays outside the original, single-pane windows. However, these windows were no match for Mother Nature, so the room was boarded up during winter storms. When the Spindrift Lounge was added in 1948, the original glass was replaced with ¾-inch tempered glass which withstood the ocean's assault for the next 34 years.

A major series of storms hit San Diego hard during the El Nino conditions of 1982 and unfortunately the waves forced their way through the windows and flooded the The Marine Room. After a nine-month remodeling project the restaurant came back stronger than ever.

Since opening the restaurant, the staff has continued to emphasize superior standards of cuisine and service. Award-winning Executive Chef Bernard Guillas and his team introduced a culinary renaissance featuring seasonal dishes mixed with the signature seafood bill of fare for which we have become famous.

The imaginative cuisine is more than matched by the up-close view of the surf. All tables, both window-side and elevated booths, offer reach-out-and-almost-touch views of the incoming surf. Patrons seated window-side during an unusually high tide can savor the food as plumes of surf cascade off windows only a few inches away.

At The Marine Room you’re not reserving a table – you’re joining a 70-year tradition.

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