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  • High Tide Info
  • High Tide Info

High Tide Info

High Tides are caused by the gravitational forces exerted on the earth by the moon. When the highest point in the wave, or the crest, reaches a coast, the coast experiences a high tide. When the lowest point, or the trough, reaches a coast, the coast experiences a low tide. See below for La Jolla Shores high tides. While each tide brings a fresh opportunity to experience nature's beauty only the king tides 6ft. and above will crash on the Marine Room windows. These dates are most common during the summer months.  For more info on how to book a High Tide Dinner Experience, visit High Tide Dinners
  • DatePeak TideTime
Friday June 2nd, 2023 6.7  8:30 PM
Saturday June 3rd, 2023 6.9 9:06 PM
Sunday June 4th, 2023 7.0 9:46 PM
Saturday July 1st, 2023 7.0 8:09 PM
Sunday July 2nd, 2023 7.3 8:54 PM
Monday July 3rd, 2023 7.4 9:40 PM
Sunday July 30th, 2023 7.2 7:58 PM
Monday July 31st, 2023 7.5 8:47 PM
Tuesday August 1st, 2023 7.6 9:34 PM
Monday August 28th, 2023 7.1 7:50 PM
Tuesday August 29th, 2023 7.4 8:38 PM

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